what is SharePoint and What Is SharePoint Used For?

What is SharePoint and What Is SharePoint Used For?


what is SharePoint?

-SharePoint is a part of Office 365 that allows users to create and access websites used to collaborate, communicate, organize and access information from almost any device using a browser. A SharePoint site can be as simple as a repository for documents to complex multipage site housing tools such as task lists, contact information, and calendars. Because of the integration with Office 365, you can create and edit Microsoft Office  files (such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) within SharePoint. 
Below are some guidelines of  SharePoint storage location for files:
  •  The file is part of a collection of files related to a group project or task
  •   for sharing the files based on the team accessing the site, not individual users
  • for sharing ownership of the file with others who can access the site

What Are the Benefits of Using SharePoint?

SharePoint enables increased productivity and visibility for information workers among all users. The features of SharePoint are centered around an intranet-based cross collaboration experience that enables secure sharing, content management and workflow collaboration features among many others.
For a website-based collaboration platform, SharePoint is easy to maintain and, at its fundamental level, easy for business users to understand. It is also infinitely customizable and massively scalable.
What Is SharePoint Used For?
Microsoft chose SharePoint as the platform for Excel publishing because of the significant features built into SharePoint, including these:


SharePoint supports users and groups of users. Users and groups may be granted or denied access to various parts of a SharePoint website, and designated users may be granted permission to add, delete, or modify the site.


 SharePoint automatically maintains a version history of objects and data. Changes can be rolled back to an earlier state at virtually any time. The ability to roll back changes can be granted to individual users.

Recycle bin: 

Deleted data and objects are held in a “recycle bin” so that they can be recovered, if necessary. SharePoint supports an Undo feature for its data.


Users and groups can be alerted by email messages whenever a specific document in SharePoint is added, deleted, or changed. When granted the proper permissions, users can manage their own alerts.

End-user maintenance:

 SharePoint sites are meant to be maintained by their users, without the intervention of IT departments. Although SharePoint pages are not as flexible as typical web pages, a SharePoint developer can add or remove features from pages; change fonts, headings, colors, and other attributes of pages; create subsites and lists, and perform many other maintenance and enhancement tasks.

Other features: 

Every SharePoint site includes a number of features, such as a calendar, a task list, and announcements that users may turn off or remove.

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