What exactly is OneNote?


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What exactly is OneNote?

What exactly is OneNote?

THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE One note is a digital notebook that syncs to all personal used devices  regardless of platform; allowing the user to hold on to their content wherever they are

How one note is used
     -to take notes both handwritten and typed
     -Drawing, capturing screen shots and recording audios due to  the relation to Microsoft office suite
     -It also allows you to share notes and projects between users (pack with collaboration tools)

OneNote pages are not a word processor, they are freeform, to note it is not designed for creating published material.

-in its simple form, one note is an electronic version pf a paper notebook where you can write down notes , thoughts, ideas, scribbles; reminders and all kinds of information, unlike the traditional doc page format OneNote offers a free form canvas where you can type, write  draw notes in the form of text, graphics, and image wherever and however you want them Onenote is designed as a tool for notetaking info gathering and multi-user collaboration.

                                  Basic principles

-In order to use OneNote effectively, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the apps underlying principles.


The main aspect of organizing the content is through notebooks; you can create notebooks as much as you desire

When creating a notebook in onenote it can be stored on your computer for personal use, on the web or for network sharing, after the notebook is created it appears on the navigation bar at the left of the screen, a new section is generated automatically, you are free to rename the new section and add more sections, tabs representing sections appear at the top of the screen 

Typing a note and format text

- Notes in Onenote is merged in frames after a page is named a note frame with blinking a cursor appears automatically below the title; you can add a note  by clicking anywhere on the page; the basic tools for formatting text in OneNote are no different from those of Microsoft office app's

 Insert and Modify a Table

 -OneNote  Tables are used in OneNote to organize information. A table with a specific number of rows and columns can be inserted on a page. Another way to create a table in OneNote is to start typing a note and then press Tab to insert a new column and Enter to insert a new row. OneNote offers tools to modify columns and rows and to format tables

Apply a Template and Make a Subpage

-OneNote includes built-in templates for organizing and adding visual interest to the pages of a notebook. The templates in OneNote are categorized as academic, blank, business, decorative, and planners. You can apply a template only to a new page.

Tag a Note

-When you work with a large notebook or with several notebooks, tags provide an option for locating
information. Any piece of content can be tagged. For example, you might tag notes that are to-do items, contacts, or Web sites to visit. Tagged content appears with a special symbol or formatting indicating the specific tag that has been applied. OneNote tags can be searched and sorted.

Insert a File and a Link

- The information you need to manage often exists in many places and formats. You can centralize files by inserting them in a OneNote notebook, where they can be opened in their native applications. Another way to organize scattered information is to insert hyperlinks to files, documents, Web pages, and even other locations in OneNote.

Insert Video

-You can record video using a camera built into or connected to your computer and insert the clip directly into
OneNote, where it can be played back. A handy feature is that notes were taken while recording video is linked to it. Clicking such a note plays the part of the video that was recorded when the note was taken. In this exercise, you will insert a prerecorded video.

Insert an Outlook Meeting

- OneNote integrates closely with Microsoft Outlook. OneNote can track meetings and appointments that are set up in your Outlook calendar.

Search a Notebook

- OneNote offers search capabilities that let you quickly find specific content within a selected search scope, such as a notebook. As you type more characters in the search box, the results narrow. Links within the search results take you to the pages on which the search item appears.

Save to Different Formats

-You can share a OneNote notebook, section  Depending on the recipient’s resources, you might convert a OneNote 2016 notebook back to OneNote 2010 or save it as a Word document, PDF file, XPS file, or single-file Web page.

Share a Notebook

-  The ability to create a shared notebook is a big advantage of OneNote over traditional note-taking systems. Many people can access the same OneNote notebook at the same time. Any changes or additions they make are saved automatically. OneNote notebooks can be shared on the Web using Windows Live or via a network. When you Share a notebook, OneNote prompts you to send e-mail messages to the people who now have access to it.

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Insert a File and a Link
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