Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate: Unlimited creative options for advanced video editing




Pinnacle products give users the power to realize their creative vision through video. Renowned for the depth of its features and the precision of its controls, Pinnacle Studio is the advanced video editing software that allows users to push their limits and achieve results worthy of professionals. To learn more about Pinnacle and its flagship Pinnacle Studio Ultimate video editing software, visit

Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate offers a set of advanced video editing features and world-class effects that exceed the highest expectations in filmmaking. 

New blending modes and intelligent object tracking, improved video masking, and increased performance allows users to achieve results closer to those of professionals

The latest additions include: 

Blend Modes: 

Boost your creativity and bring an artistic touch to your videos by creating overlay effects, blending masked areas, and creating light jumps or other color and exposure effects.

Smart Object Tracking:

Use new shape-based motion tracking to track any object in your video. This smart technology automates the process of recreating masks by recognizing the original masked object and following it in the selected sequence. You save time by eliminating the need to recreate masks for each frame.

Advanced audio editing features: 

Make your sound crisp, clear, and unique with new audio editing features. Identify and remove unwanted sounds with Noise Reduction so your voiceover or music track can be heard perfectly. Easily change the pitch/frequency of your audio with the Playback Speed ​​Scaling feature and indulge in audio experimentation by mixing multiple audio channels into the 5.1 surround sound space.

8K video import: 

Enjoy unparalleled quality content with significantly higher resolution, more vibrant colors, and incredible sound quality when importing 8K video.

Ultimate Video Mask Designer: 

Create and manage your masks easier and efficiently with a series of interface and tool enhancements. New grouped paint tools allow you to use and switch between raster and vector shapes to create perfect masks. Plus, you can take advantage of new options for converting clip masks to track masks, importing nested projects into panel masks, and more.

Improvements based on user suggestions:

 In response to community feedback, Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate streamlines the editing workflow by improving the user interface and offering new creative effects. Take complete control of your titles using the improved Title Editor, which now includes keyframe control for font size and color. Try out improved 3D controls and new creative effects and enjoy a faster, smoother editing process with increased performance across the entire application.

Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate is part of the Pinnacle Studio product family, which also includes Pinnacle Studio 25 Plus and Pinnacle Studio 25. To learn more about Pinnacle Studio video editing software, check out this comparison chart.

Price and availability

Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate, Pinnacle Studio 25 Plus, and Pinnacle Studio 25 are available now 

Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate :  is $129.95 (USD/CAN)

Pinnacle Studio 25 Plus  is:  $99.95(USD/CAN)

Pinnacle Studio 25 is: $59.95(USD/CAN)

To find out more, visit the website

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