What is Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager ?

What is Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

What is Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager "SCCM"?

-  SCCM is a system management software product created and generated by Microsoft; SCCM contains a remote control viewer which allows a member of IT service to securely observe and control a desktop or a laptop remotely, accordingly to the management client; This provides a remote assistance while the user is logged into their personal computer which helps resolve, identify and operate quickly and easily the issue.

SCCM design and architecture

- The architecture of the System Center Configuration Manager, according to Microsoft depends on a "unified infrastructure" that integrates physical, virtual and mobile clients under one general cover and adds tools and resources that can help IT, administrators, rigidly manage access. users can control components in the cloud and deskside interface. The SCCM can help with desktop virtualization and other types of IT architectures.

- One vital thing is that the domain of use for the SCCM is as an inclusive tool for endpoint protection, where Microsoft users are allowed to use the Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection tools to provide progressive security for a system. Experts identify that security and management have in the past been endorsed as disconnected ideas, but the SCCM come up with  a single platform for both of these objectives.

what are the Benefits of SCCM?

- There are different properties and capacities of SCCM that companies find advantageous and useful. A few important features incorporate patch management, operating system deployment, network protection, remote control, and inventory for software and hardware.
User Productivity increase: 
SCCM permit  employees to access  the applications which improve productivity, meanwhile allowing  administrators the necessary tools to protect corporate information.

Merging IT Management Infrastructure: 
SCCM aerodynamic functions through a merged infrastructure that combines device management and protection over mobile, physical, and virtual environments.

A streamlined Administration: 
SCCM streamline the administration of client systems In addition to  offering improved visibility, enforcement options are an additional necessity to maintain the system compliance.

what are the uses of SCCM including the Software center? 

 if SCCM is being utilized across the entire corporation and booted to all of the windows users' computers,it certainly permits the users to install and update any software.

The permissions are:

- SCCM permit software license management by allowing admins to only set out software to users members when requested rather than permitting all users to select software from a list which restrains unlicensed software.

- SCCM permit regular software update to be scheduled even when users are not using their computers.


- As BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) policy is part of every business community, many are actually remain struggling with security issues. Managing security on personal devices is difficult. SCCM allows employees to work anywhere using their personal device.

- SCCM integrate BYOD policies By enabling it to manage the devices  data protection and ensuring that the applications encounter the required compliance 

What are the uses of SCCM regarding the reimage

- Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is utilized for imaging   users  computers also used to deploy policies and software system packages to particular users.

In fact by exploiting Microsoft SCCM; IT administrators minimalize the time employed for installing applications for users, the deployment od the SCCM manages what was utilized to the computer in the business environment and reactivate reports and preinstalled software on computers.

What are the PROS:

- Intermediate applications management, configuration settings, and policies is effortlessly deployed. the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager console connect them to the software deployment instantly, the application is installed on users computer.in addition Imaigin from preboot execution environment, it is configured remotely by any IT department.

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