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How to remove duplicate files on ANDROID devices??
Over time our Androids devices became bunged up with unopened, and unwanted files that we are not in need for; which pilfer our most precious artifact “storage space” which may lead to inefficient performance. The ultimate way to reduce the damage is by eliminating any replicate files, whether songs, images; videos. Let me offer you a way to make it easier for you How may I delete duplicate files manually? The Obvious way is to end the doppelgangers is to open manager app “files or my files” then scroll across the list till you detect the duplicate files, then tap the menu, settings or select option highlight the files and tap on delete option.
If you are lucky enough to have very little of duplicate files on your device then this method is suitable for reclaiming your space, for those with the wider collection, I would like to recommend using an app which I will emphasize on in the following section So, what’s the best android app for deleting replicate files? Instead of wandering through your large library of files, save time and effort by downloading an app to the hard work alternatively, there are a few on the google app store, so I am here to recommend DUPLICATE FILES FIXER. it is free, trustworthy; but mostly effective. Keep in mind that it’s a preferable idea to back-up your device before deleting any files; therefore, check our guide on how to back up your Android devices. Open your google app store, Download, install and open the app DUPLICATE FILES FIXER,
You should grant permission for the app to access your media and files, to remove duplicates; tap Got it then you will be taken to the front interface You will encounter various types of files that the APP can scan; you will be able to choose individually the files, in addition, there’s the full duplicate scan option at the bottom which will enclose all types After making your choice tap SCAN NOW again you will be asked to grant permission to access files, allow it and let the app work its magic.
Once the scan's completed a comprehensive list of your duplicate will appear, each duplicate is listed with the original, be sure to check across in case there have been any mistakes during the scan? When you are done with the selection; tap deletes now, then confirm your decision, once it ends the cleansing, a notification box will pop up on your screen informing how much space has been saved after removing the duplicates.
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