Data center

Data center is a technical facility that houses an organization’s IT operations and equipment and where it stores manages and disseminates its data,data centers house and networks most critical systems and are vital to business continuity and operations consequentially the efficiency optimization reliability and security of data centers and their information is critically important to today’s businesses the data center may vary depending on its primary function but typically it is supported and managed by one of the following four categories • Entreprise • Multi-tenant data center and colocation facilities • Hyperscale and cloud • Carrier and service provider Within the data center, the following technical spaces and subsystems are managed by the operational staff • Physical security systems • Network and IT system • Power resources • Environmental control • Performance and operational management These subsystems can be translated into the following challenges risk management network migration, power optimization, thermal efficiency, DCIM enablement we will introduce to you these environments of challenges of the data center physical security in the data center is addressed with macro segmentation using a six-layered approach
THE PERIMETER is the first level of defense - the clear zone - the fa├žade - and reception - the service corridor - the data hall - the data cabinet - the networked IT and structured cabling systems. in a data center commenced at the entrance room and carry through to the main distribution area (MDA) horizontal distribution and then the equipment distribution area (EDA).
the intelligent power chain that is critical to the data center operation includes ; the medium voltage feeds from the utility back up, generators; battery rooms UPS system underfloor and overhead power distribution cabinet, level metered and monitored PDUs, and finally leading to managed IT equipment power environmental ; control of the data center facility starts with the caller plant then leads to the computer room air-conditioning and handling units into the data hall with manage airflow to cool the zones via a number of contained cooling technologies to meet the specific requirement of the varying IT loads that generate temperatures that need to be managed carefully finally this unique technical operation requires data center infrastructure management processes that deal with asset management power monitoring environmental monitoring change management and capacity planning to ensure the maximum uptime scalability and performance is achieved more detailed information webinars and technical reports of the area covered.
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