Cloud computing is a powerful trend that enable the employees to be productive anywhere at any time however the extension of the clouds leads to security risks that extend beyond the firms perimeter the proliferation of mobile devices means security risks are everywhere, moreover most data is protected with a simple password which is immensely weak, foreseeable and easy to hack, in matter of fact the main cause of breaches is compromised credentials and data breaches are on the rise so the ultimate question is can an organization afford to ignore the problem?? According to Panama Institute, the average cost of breaches at organizations has passed over 4M$ per incident, therefore the best way to address this issue is to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA improves security by demanding users to provide a combination they are familiar with such as a password or PIN and something may have like a mobile phone or a fingerprint, MFA protects your data in every situation that you are recently only protected by a password, it’s extremely essential to smear MFA among every user and every IT measure otherwise you are leaving your organization exposed The Centrify MFA solution enforces security across enterprise identities and resources balancing conveniences and security with adaptive policy; and better network security. Check our assessment about using MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION for network security.
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