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-With Xobni for Outlook, you find out more about your contacts. When you get a new email, if that person is a member of Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, or others you will know right away! Not only that, it indexes your email so you can search email and people faster than you can type. It threads emails so your conversations are in context, and more! And best of all, it’s free! Windows only: Freeware Microsoft Outlook plug-in Xobni (that's inbox backward) adds a handful of killer features to its new Outlook sidebar. Among those features: Email analytics, extraordinarily useful contact cards, fast search, threaded (Gmail-like) conversations, and more. The video above gives an excellent overview, so give it a look. Seeing as Xobni has successfully made Outlook appear exciting (which is no easy), this freeware, Windows-only plug-in looks like a winner. you can download it free click the link below link #Xobni #outlook
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