How important the integration of Microsoft Flow and excel to Power BI?

    The Integration of Microsoft Flow and Power BI

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- Microsoft Flow is a SaaS offering automates workflows over the developing number of utilization and SaaS administrations that business clients rely on. With Flow, users can automate tasks by synching  applications and administrations (counting Power BI) to get warnings,  documents, assemble data.

             The Integration of PowerBI and Excel

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-  The good thing about Microsoft ist the powerful integration between its products. A number of options that Microsoft Power BI and Excel integration provide is the square measure of  saving snapshots of PivotTables, charts, cell ranges, and more, from the  spreadsheets to an internet dashboard.

- Power BI and Excel combination through the administration permits the user to employ Excel as their creation device while combined with a live Power BI dataset. By selecting  cells from an Excel archive into Power BI dashboard.

  How to Import Excel Workbooks to Power BI Desktop?

 - Power BI Desktop permits users to import Excel exercise manuals that contain Power Query questions, Power Pivot models, and Power View worksheets into Power BI Desktop. Reports and representations are systematically made in view of the Excel exercise manual, once it is imported, the user is provided with a wide range of tools for enhancement and visualization.

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