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Can I Freely access filtered websites
Its absolutely annoying when you are trying to browse the web suddenly you are blocked by a filter, whether it is controlled by your school, office, ISP or a government; for sure there are various reasons to set up and abide by filters for internet access; however sometimes the best filter gets it wrong then blocks the wrong stuff Whether you are exploited by a fervent filter that blurred some content it shouldn’t have, or want to work around a block that’s working the way it must; there are some methods to maneuver a filter and access whatever content you want. There are few paid VPN alternatives such as Express VPN or NordVPN; however, there are other available free options; however, be safe and smart, and we definitely don’t encourage any illegal use of these methods. Anonymous web traffic with a VPN one of the most known methods to prevail a web filter into work with a VPN, a VPN routes your traffic through another private computer network, commonly anonymously, guarantying you to browse freely as if you are using a different device in a different location, Nord VPN is one of our main suggestions; it routes all your internet retrieve along with the connection; rather than just the web browser. Run your browser through a proxy So mainly to patch a web filter is to use a proxy service, such as a VPN, that will route your traffic by a dissimilar network. Proxies are usually used to enter region-locked content such as Hulu, Netflix or iPlayer, it also offers extra anonymity while browsing. By tapping a free proxy you will discover a variety of “free proxy” I can guarantee you the danger of downloading one of these, most of them are fraud they might collect or sell your data insert ads into your browsing webs, or stripping away encryption, for that we wouldn’t recommend any type of proxy service for regular browsing, you are better off with a VPN, however if you have the urge or the need to use a web filter we would recommend HideMyASS is one of the safest well-known free proxies, they also offer a VPN service. Use Tor browser to go anonymously
The onion router A.K.A Tor, famous for absolute anonymity the browser uses a pile of encryptions and peer-to-peer networking to rebound your traffic around, permitting you to browse anonymously There are of course some disadvantages for using Tor since your traffic changes your location occasionally; you will experience a much slower speed while browsing, in addition, it is safe to check if the site you are browsing is SSL, to avoid any kind of suspicion Despite that, it is free and be nominated above any sort of free proxies or VPN. Try Googles public DNS
Use different GLOBALE Domain Name System resolution service, Google DNS is free, once you enter a website your device performs a DNS consider, by converting the numerical address of a specific web page into the site you see; Google Public DNS will enhance your browsing experience also improve your security, and importantly will allow you to browse without URL redirection. Google Public DNS here
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