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A quick glance to 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features On iOS and Android As familiar Whatsapp is coming for refreshing their new features I am sharing Whatsapp 5 Upcoming Features that will be accessible for WhatsApp soon. Some of them are actually available in the beta version of Whatsapp. 1- QR Code After the update, WhatsApp users will have a unique contact QR code which allows them to add other WhatsApp users only by scanning your contact QR code. 2-Cleaner album layout An upstanding album layout for a cleaner view, the feature is already updated on Android and will be included on iOS update soon. gathering all multiple images in one Bubble on Whatsapp Chat. 3- Night Mode. Whatsapp recently is Working on Night mode version. The report claim Will be similar to Android dark mode, the theme of WhatsApp will turn black if night mode activated. This feature expands the battery life of Smartphone With OLED panels and Helpful for eyes in dim light condition. 4-Facebook Story Sharing Soon Whatsapp users can share their Whatsapp story directly to their Facebook story. At Present, this feature tested on android only. 5-Profile picture protection This feature is now available on Android and will be on IOS soon, it is similar to facebook profile picture guard you can not download or even take a screenshot of other users. This feature does not apply on group images you still download group images.
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